Frontline Plus Value Kit

Looking for Frontline Plus Kits?? As per the request of Merial Ltd (The company that makes frontline), we can no longer offer Frontline Kits on this webpage. However, we can offer Pet Action Kits, which have the EXACT same active ingredients.

Pet Action Value Kit
Pet Action Value Kits
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With the exact same active ingredients as Frontline Plus, our Pet Action Value Kit is a great way to save money on flea treatment. PetAction Plus contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene, the same active ingredient as Frontline Plus, which is very effective as targeting fleas‚ ticks‚ lice. As with Frontline Plus, PetAction Plus is long lasting, acts fast, is easy to use, and waterproof.

By using our Value Kit, you're using the same method of self measuring that has been adopted by vets, breeder and shelters across the country as a way to save money on flea and tick treatment.

PetAction Plus treatments have no expiration date and are USA EPA APPROVED.

Your PetAction Plus Value Kit will include:

- One factory sealed, brand new and unopened dose of PetAction Plus for dogs 89-132lbs. Since all PetAction Plus products are identical *, and only the dosage varies, you can follow our very easy instructions to measure out smaller doses for your pet.

- One glass vial, amber in color, which can hold up to 2 drams of the PetAction Plus product. This will allow you to store your remaining doses of PetAction Plus.

- One 1ml, needless, sterile syringe, which you will use to measure your monthly doses.

- Comprehensive, easy to follow, instructions

- Free Shipping!

* Kits for Cats Include PetAction Plus for Dogs To Be Used On Your Cat. The Active Ingredients in PetAction Plus, Fipronil and (S)-methoprene, are the same for both cat and dog PetAction Plus. The only difference is the percentage of (S)-Methoprene between the dog and the cat formula. (S)-Methoprene is a flea sterilizer, and the slight 3% reduction in the large dog versus the cat version is negligible. The cat warnings on the dog doses are there to prevent one from dosing a cat with a full dog dose.

Monthly Dosages: