Frontline Plus Kit Refill

Frontline Plus Kit Refill

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Frontline Plus Kit Refill
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MFG = Merial
Mfg Part#: 653315
UPC = 0065303653315

** This is NOT for a full kit. This is a refill or single sealed dose for XL dogs 89-132lbs. This item does not contain the vial, syringe, and manufacturers specifications to measure out the correct dosage you would normally find in a kit.

FRONTLINE PLUS, KILLS FLEAS and TICKS on your Dogs and Cats!


Cats all sizes use 0.50ml


Dogs 0-22 lbs use 0.67ml

Dogs 23-44 lbs use 1.34ml

Dogs 45-88 lbs use 2.68ml

What you will receive:

- One Unopened and Factory Sealed Dose of Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs which contains 4.02 ml of Frontline Plus treatment. All Frontline Plus is the same, the only difference with the doses are their size.

- Free Shipping!

* Frontline Plus Kit Refills for Dogs can be used on your cat. The Active Ingredients in Frontline Plus, Fipronil and (S)-methoprene, are the same for both cat and dog Frontline Plus. The only difference is the percentage of (S)-Methoprene between the dog and the cat formula. (S)-Methoprene is a flea sterilizer, and the slight 3% reduction in the large dog versus the cat version is negligible. The cat warnings on the dog doses are there to prevent one from dosing a cat with a full dog dose.