Frontline Plus Kit Refill

Frontline Plus Kit Refill

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Frontline Plus Kit Refill
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** This is NOT for a full kit. This is a refill or single sealed dose for XL dogs 89-132lbs. If you already have the vial, syringe, and manufacturers specifications to measure out the correct dosage, you can order this one individual pipette of Frontline Plus XL Dog as a refill for your kit.

FRONTLINE PLUS, KILLS FLEAS and TICKS on your Dogs and Cats!

For those who want to know more about our flea and tick value kits, please see below for a full description.

How does the kit work?

Our Frontline Plus Value kits contain one 4.02 ml tube of Frontline Plus flea treatment sized for extra large dogs, which you will divide into smaller doses for your cat or dog. Your Kit includes a Glass Vial in which the excess Frontline Plus is stored for future doses. Your Kit also includes one sterile clearly marked no needle syringe, which you will use to measure and apply the monthly Frontline Plus dosage to your pet. Just refer to the chart below to see the dosage amounts and number of doses per kit depending on the weight of your pet.


Cats all sizes use 0.50ml


Dogs 0-22 lbs use 0.67ml

Dogs 23-44 lbs use 1.34ml

Dogs 45-88 lbs use 2.68ml

What you will receive:

- One Unopened and Factory Sealed Dose of Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs which contains 4.02 ml of Frontline Plus treatment. Following our easy instructions, you will divide the 4.02ml pipette into smaller doses depending on the weight of your cat or dog. All Frontline Plus is the same, the only difference with the doses are their size.

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Monthly Dosages: